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Lace and Linen: The Two Must-Haves for Casual Wedding Clothing


When it comes to a casual wedding, the attire should be easygoing, comfortable as well as fashionable. And lace is one of those fabrics that spell delicate femininity and polished elegance at the same time. You can use them smartly for a corporate, formal occasion as well as for an informal wedding.

And then, there is linen, a fabric that everyone loves. It is simply known for its coolness and comfort in warm and hot weather climates. Linen shirts have been around since the Egyptians used it to wrap mummies as a symbol of light, purity and as a display of wealth. But now it is a classic choice for a cool look on anyone.


5 chic ways to include lace in your casual wedding clothing

1. Floral lace skirts
Depending on the kind of cut and color, floral lace skirts can be worn both indoors and outdoors. They work especially well on hot days and can be complemented with floppy hats as chic wedding clothing in Florida.
2. Lace drawstring pants
For a relaxed evening after the party gets over, lace drawstring pants offer a comfortable, soft and breathable wear.
3. A sleek lace dress
The best part about laces dresses is that there can be so many lace details including a skewed hemline, lace patches on the shoulder, fringed cuffs and the like. When coupled with the right shoes and a jacket, you can turn these dresses into a mesmerizing wedding day outfit.
4. Lace vest
Fringed lace vests in colors like pink and white are the trendiest casual pieces that you can wear on a friend’s wedding. Throw them on top of stunning shirts and give a new edge to your attire.
5. Lace sleeves
Tops with a variety of lace sleeve designs work perfectly for formal gatherings and even at weddings.


The benefits of wearing linen shirts

Linen is a natural fabric made from the fibers of the flax plant.  The fabric is a good absorbent that keeps the moisture away from your body and a good conductor of heat. Those who wear linen are found to have lower skin temperature than those who wear silk or cotton; it helps retain warmth in cold weather too.

1. Linen is a perfect way to add charm and trendiness to your attire and the stylish fabric will make you look extremely fashionable. Linen shirts can be worn in a wide variety of choices from casual to relax.
2. For an elegant beach look pair a white linen shirt with white linen shorts.
Wear a long sleeve dark linen shirt with a pair of cotton trousers and a linen blazer for a formal dinner.
3. Pair a classic white linen shirt with linen white trousers for elegant night out.
4. A linen shirt worn with a pair of slim chinos will also give you a confident continental look.

So now, it is the time to invest in the peerless warm weather linen attire to your wardrobe to feel comfortable, confident and of course great looking too!



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